Our Operation

Ponderosa Partnership has an ongoing diversified cattle operation. Most of our genetics consist of Angus/Simmental crosses that have originated from high altitude seed stock growers. We invest in proven bloodlines and focus on genetics that give us the balance of performance and quality.

Our cattle graze rich grasses during the summer months, and roam the alfalfa fields during the dormant season. At Ponderosa we follow a strict vaccination program to ensure herd health, and to ultimately provide a quality product for consumers.

Ponderosa starts calving in February every year. This year, we have had a tremendous calf crop, including three sets of twins. While we are currently trying to expand our herd by retaining select females, we will be offering stocker calves for sale in early fall.

Contact us for more information on our cattle for sale.

New for 2016 – Wagyu F1 Crosses

This coming spring, we will be tending to our first Wagyu F1 calf offspring. We are excited about this new venture and are confident that as we continue to grow our Wagyu herd we will produce a superior product that we will be proud to stand behind. Click here for more information about Wagyu cattle.