Forage Crops

Forage Crops

forage-crops-inline-1Ponderosa Partnership LLC has a unique growing area in the San Luis Valley in Colorado with a rich, dark soil, which is excellent for forage production. We have tested our hay with animals from various areas and all reports are that the animals are attracted to our hay first.

We offer a wide variety of top quality hay and straw for sale including:

  • Dairy Alfalfa – high RFV
  • Grass Alfalfa – grass and alfalfa mix
  • Oat Hay – extremely nutritious: high in protein and energy content. Ours is good quality and contains many fully intact seed heads.
  • Wheat
  • Certified Barley Straw
  • Certified Oat Seed
  • Feed Oats
  • Forage

We have more than 700 acres of hayfields in production in the San Luis Valley near Center, Colorado at an elevation over 7,625 feet. With more than 30 years in the hay business, Ponderosa Partnership is able to provide cattle and dairy operations with a dependable supply of high quality hay and forage. (We have also provided feed for exotic animal ranches to feed critters such as elephants and alligators, too.) We perform quality tests on our hay to determine the nutritional value of our products, and to guarantee a high RFV for dairies.


forage-crops-inline-2Good hay production is all about baling when the time is perfect. We have the right equipment and personnel to minimize the baling time so that the majority of our hay is baled during the optimal window. We cut our forage crops when the moisture and humidity levels are best in our arid climate to ensure high quality hay.

  • Bale size: 4x4x8 and small bales
  • Swathing cycles: 3
  • Storage: hay sheds

Buy Livestock Feed

Buying direct from the grower saves money and makes it easy to specify exactly what you are looking for. You can purchase from us in loads (we can split loads, too) or one bale at a time, depending on your needs. We can also deliver upon request.

All of our lots are quality tested at a reputable lab, but we don’t mind submitting samples for independent test, either. Nutritional values are available upon request.

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