The People

The People of Ponderosa Partnership

Rick Ellithorpe


As owner of Ponderosa Partnership, Rick oversees all aspects of the business. Rick’s goals are to raise the healthiest, highest quality products for our customers.

Jed Ellithorpe


Jed also oversees all aspects of the business, and is always exploring new areas that have potential for the operation. As a graduate from Fort Lewis, he understands the importance of profitability and keeping up with new trends.

Jake Burris

Farm Operations

Jake works directly with our farm managers, ensuring a smooth operation across the farm. He is also very involved in water management on the operation. As a graduate from Colorado State University, he specializes in business and crop production.

Dan Sanderson

GAP Coordinator

Dan oversees our entire operations Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). He ensures that our high standards for quality are applied during each step of the farming process. Dan is also our certified well tester and is a WPS coordinator.

Barbra Davis

Financial Analyst

Barbra works closely with everyone, she mainly focuses on the financials of the farm. She also assists Dan with GAP, and as a recent graduate from Colorado State University, she helps with the cattle operation.

Russell Brown

Farm Manager

Russell has been farming since 1988, he manages Potatoes, Barley and Wheat.

Craig Perrin

Farm Manager

Craig has been farming since 1972, he manages Potatoes, Barley, Wheat and Alfalfa. He also has a small herd of buffalo that he keeps on the side.

Cale Bradshaw

Farm/Ranch Manager

Cale has been farming since 2001. He manages Potatoes, Barley, Wheat and Alfalfa. Cale also runs our day to day ranching operations in La Garita, CO. Cale understands the value of creating and maintain a sustainable environment for our cattle to roam and graze.

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